• Calvin "Cooter" Harris

    Calvin "Cooter" Harris

    Top notch Custodial Engineer, resourceful Mr. Fix-it and irresistable Ladies' Man. Or so he believes. As Meatloaf would say, " .. two outta three ain't bad.."
  • Eddie Smith

    Eddie Smith

    Former security guard, National Guard reservist, father and (hopefully) husband
  • Janet Weisman

    Janet Weisman

    A Jewish soccer Mom who now has a bone to pick with a dangerous splinter group of the military that defiled her daughter.
  • Doctor Lydia Morales

    Doctor Lydia Morales

    A doctor who has worked alongside the CDC and the Army in studying the effects of the virus. She joined the group when the military's methods became unethical and inhumane.
  • Sean Smith

    Sean Smith

    Eddie's son. This kid has been through a lot. He's brave and hanging in there, but misses his mother.