All Flesh Must Be Eaten by the Waking Dead


The group escaped from the Buckley Cabin, but not without losing Greg Buckley (who had succumbed to his knife wound and rose from the dead) and “Skip” Breslin (who tripped and was subsequently torn apart by undead.) They were aided by a mysterious hooded figure armed with a hunting bow, flaming arrows and riding a bitchin’ motocross bike. Later introducing herself as “Robin,” she aided in getting the group back to the Durango, and trailed them until Eddie Smith stopped to question her. On the road once more, the survivors are trying to decide their next move, as well as what to make of their new traveling companion.


The group sought shelter at the cabin of Eddie’s friend, fellow ex-Marine Greg Buckley. Much of the information on the external drive taken from the Army’s scientists was copied onto Cooter’s i-Pod, which was fortunate because.. Prior to a skirmish with Division 8 soldiers, Janet turned the external drive over to them during an arranged meeting. She was however, briefly reunited with her daughter Rachel, only to find that she had been brutalized and turned into one of the Waking Dead. After her daughter was put down for good, Janet insisted on carrying the body back to the cabin. Greg Buckley was injured and suffered a terrible knifewound. He lost a large amount of blood and the wound shows signs of infection. Although the cabin was reinforced, a large mob of restless dead have surrounded it. Everyone has now gathered in the living room, with the exception of Janet, who has taken her daughter to one of the bedrooms, and “Skip” Breslin, the former FOX Philly Newschopper pilot, who is watching over Greg in another bedroom. Just how long can, and should, the survivors attempt to hold out before attempting to make a run for it?


Unbeknownst to the group, a stealthy figure wearing a hooded poncho and armed with a composite bow watches from the edge of the woods, seemingly undetected by the undead nearby. Who is this person? Just how long has “The Watcher in the Woods” been watching the survivors?


MechaRoJo MechaRoJo

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